21 Mayıs 2010 Cuma

Famous Birthdays on 21st May

1471 - Albrecht Durer, Nornberg Germany, Renaissance painter/print maker1527 - Philip II, King of Spain (1556-98) & Portugal (1580-98)1633 - Joseph de La Barre, composer1653 - Eleonora Maria Josefa of Austria, queen consort of Poland and Lithuania (d. 1697)1671 - Azzolino Bernardino Della Ciaia, composer1680 - Frederich Karl Erbach, composer1688 - Alexander Pope, England, poet (Rape of the Lock)1720 - Antonio Corbisiero, composer1722 - Wilhelm Gottfried Enderle, composer1755 - Alfred Moore, American judge (d. 1810)1763 - Joseph Fouché, French statesman (d. 1820)1775 - Lucien Bonaparte, prince of Canino/Musignano1780 - Elizabeth Fry, Quaker minister/prison reformer/nurse1792 - Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, French scientist (d. 1843)1796 - Reverdy Johnson, rep (Union), died in 18761821 - John F Loudon, Dutch entrepreneur/colonial director1822 - Dabney Herndon Maury, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 19001822 - Mosby Monroe Parsons, Brig General (Confederate Army) died in 18651825 - George Lafayette Beal, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)1826 - Danillo II, ruler of Montenegro1827 - William P. Sprague, American politician from Ohio (d. 1899)1832 - Elizabeth Storrs Mead, American educator (d. 1917)1834 - Charles-Albert Gobat, Switz, politician/lawyer/author (Nobel 1902)1835 - Newton Martin Curtis, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)1835 - František Chvostek, Moravian physician (d. 1884)1841 - Joseph Parry, composer1843 - Louis Renault, French lawyer1843 - Charles Albert Gobat, Swiss politician (d. 1914)1850 - Giuseppe Mercalli, Italian volcanologist (d. 1914)1851 - Leon Bourgeois, France, politician, internationalist (Nobel 1920)1853 - Jacques Marie Eugène Godefroy Cavaignac, French politician (d. 1905)1855 - Emile A G Verhaeren, Belgian poet/writer (Les Flammes Hautes)1858 - Jose Battle Ordonez, Uruguay, politician1860 - Willam Einthoven, Dutch physiologist/inventor (electrocardiograph)1864 - Princess Stephanie of Belgium (d. 1945)1865 - C J Thomsen, Denmark, archaeologist, named Stone/Iron/Bronze Ages1867 - John James Ferris, cricketer (mighty Australian bowler of late 1880's)1867 - Marie Joseph Leon Desire Paque, composer1872 - Henry Warren, Boston Mass, inventor (Telechon electric clock)1873 - Emil Ermatinger, Switz, literature historian1873 - Everard Verachtert, Flemish translator (I speak beschaafd Dutch)1873 - Hans Berger, German neuroscientist (d. 1941)1878 - Glenn Hammond Curtiss, US, inventor (hydroplane)1878 - Louis L H de Visser, Dutch MP (CPN)1880 - Pablo Luna y Carne, composer1880 - Tudor Arghezi, Romanian writer (d. 1967)1882 - Georgine M "May" Basting, actress (Hostage Rights of Aemstel)1884 - Manuel Pérez y Curis, Uruguayan poet (d. 1920)1885 - Sophie of Schönburg-Waldenburg, wife of Prince William of Wied (d.1936)1887 - Mabel Taliaferro, NYC, actress (Sentimental Tommy, My Love Come Back)1888 - May Aufderheide, composer1890 - Albert van Raalte, conductor (AVRO-orchestra)1892 - John Peale Bishop, US poet (This Side of Paradise)1893 - Arthur Carr, cricket capt (England v Australia 1926)1893 - Simon Delmonte, actor/director (Boemeladvocaat)1898 - Armand Hammer, NYC, millionaire industrialist (Occidental Petroleum)1898 - Karel Haba, composer1899 - Ilse Lagner, writer1899 - Ralph Sanford, Springfield Mass, actor (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp)1901 - Horace Heidt, Alameda Calif, orch leader (Swift Show Wagon)1901 - Suzanne Lilar, [Verbist], France/Belgian writer (Le burlador)1902 - Earl Averill, baseball player (d. 1983)1902 - Marcel Lajos Breuer, Hungarian-born architect (d. 1981)1903 - Ali Sastroamidjojo, Indonesian attorney/minister/premier (1953..7)1903 - Manly Wade Wellman, Angola, sci-fi author (After Dark, Devil's Planet)1903 - Pedro Aramburu, president Argentina1904 - Fats Waller, [Thomas Wright], jazz singer/composer (Ain't Misbehavin')1904 - Robert Montgomery, Beacon NY, actor/dir (Earl of Chicago, Yellow Jack)1905 - Edward Lockspeiser, composer1906 - Keith Rigg, cricketer (Australian Test batsman in the thirties)1909 - Guy de Rothschild, French banker1909 - François-Albert Angers, Quebec economist (d. 2003)1912 - John Curtis Gowan, American psychologist (d. 1986)1912 - Monty Stratton, baseball player (d. 1982)1913 - Gina Bachauer, Greek pianist (d. 1976)1916 - Harold Robbins, NYC, author (Moneychangers, Carpetbaggers, Betsy)1916 - Joseph Janni, producer1916 - Leonard Manasseh, architect1916 - Tinus Osendarp, Dutch runner (d. 2002)1917 - Dennis Day, Irish tenor/comedian (Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy)1917 - Heather Swift, local councillor1917 - Jean-Louis Curtis, French writer (Just Causes)1917 - Raymond Burr, BC Canada, actor (Perry Mason, Ironsides, Godzilla)1917 - Ronald John Bilsland Colville, businessman1918 - Leonard Mullens, rubber physicist1919 - Lord Maxwell, senator/prof (college of Justice Scotland)1919 - Mark Wood, bishop (Ludlow)1920 - Anthony Steel, London, actor (Malta Story, Wooden Horse)1921 - Andrei Sakharov, Moscow, physicist, human rights worker (Nobel '75)1923 - Bettye Danoff, LPGA golfer1923 - Doris Mae Akers, gospel singer/songwriter1923 - Armand Borel, Swiss mathematician (d. 2003)1924 - Peggy Cass, Boston MA, actress/TV panelist (To Tell the Truth, Mame)1924 - Robert Parris, Philadelphia, composer (Book of Imaginery Beings)1926 - Dan Perlsweig, horse trainer1926 - Joseph Horovitz, composer1926 - Rick Jason, NYC, actor (Day of the Wolves, Eagles Attack at Dawn)1926 - Robert Creeley, Mass, poet/novelist (Island)1927 - George Levy, antique dealer/heritage campaigner1927 - Kay Kendall, Yorkshire England, actress (Genevieve, Les Girls)1929 - Charles Wadsworth, Barnesville Georgia, pianist (Lincoln Center)1929 - Paul Winslow, cricketer (big-hitter for S Africa, 108 v England 1955)1929 - Robert Welch, designer/silversmith (Robert Welch flatware)1930 - David Smith, principal/vice chancellor (Edinburgh University)1930 - Malcolm Fraser, PM of Australia (Liberal, 1975-83)1930 - Stanley Wells, director (Shakespeare Institute U of Birmingham)1931 - Desmond Wilcox, broadcaster1931 - George Vassiliou, president of Cyprus (1988-93)1932 - G Wohmann, writer1932 - John Armitage, principal (College of St Hilda & St Bede Durham)1932 - Robert Sherlaw Johnson, composer1933 - Barry Norman, Britain, film critic (Film Greats)1933 - Maurice André, French trumpeter1934 - Phillip King, British sculptor1934 - Bengt I. Samuelsson, Swedish biochemist, Nobel laureate1935 - Terry Lightfoot, clarinetist/bandleader (New Orleans Jazzmen)1936 - Ama Samy, Burma, Jesuit priest/Zen teacher/disciple of Yamada Koun1936 - Dipak Nandy, founder (Runnymead Trust)1938 - David Groh, Bkln NY, actor (Joe-Rhoda, Don-Another Day)1938 - Urs Widmer, writer1939 - Heinz Holliger, composer1941 - Anatoli Semyonovich Levchenko, USSR, cosmonaut (TM-4)1941 - Ronald Isley, Cincinnati Ohio, singer (Isley Brothers-Twist & Shout)1941 - Martin Carthy, English musician1942 - David Hunt, Wales sec of state1942 - Robert C Springer, St Louis, Col USMC/astronaut (STS-29, STS-38)1943 - Hilton Valentine, rock guitarist (Animals-House of the Rising Sun)1944 - Janet Dailey, US, author1944 - Manual Pina, fashion designer1944 - Marcie Blane, rocker1944 - Mary Robinson, pres of Republic of Ireland (Labour, 1990- )1944 - Mike Degett, horse trainer1945 - Ernst Willi Messerschmid, Reutlingen Germany, astronaut (STS 22)1946 - David Hill, Australian TV-reporter/owner (Fox Sports)1946 - Ronald Bear, actor/director (Havana, Make-up)1947 - Bill Champlin, Oakland Ca, rocker1947 - Dorothy Germain, LPGA golfer1947 - Richard Hatch, Santa Monica Calif, actor (Battlestar Galactica)1947 - Jonathan Hyde, Australian-born actor1948 - Carol Potter, actress (Beverly Hills 90210)1948 - Leo Sayer, [Gerard], England, singer (When I Need Love)1949 - Andrew Nell, editor (Sunday Times)1949 - Arno Hintjens, Belgian singer (T C Matic)1949 - Rosalind Plowright, British soprano (Aida, Senta)1950 - Roger Hodgson, London, rocker (Supertramp)1951 - Al Franken, comedian/writer/actor (SNL, Stuart Saves His Family)1952 - Mr T, [Lawrence Tero], Chicago, actor (A-Team, Rocky III, T & T)1952 - Mr. T, American actor1954 - Bill Abbott, Sarnia Ontario, yachter (Olympics-96)1954 - Marina Langner, Dusseldorf Germany, Miss World runner-up (1975)1954 - Marc Ribot, American musician1955 - John Glavin, rock keyboardist (Molly Hatchet1955 - Liaqat Ali, cricket pace bowler (Pakistani in six Tests 1975-79)1955 - Stan Lynch, Gainesville Fl, rock drummer (Tommy Petty & Heartbreakers)1955 - Paul Barber, British field hockey player1957 - Judge Reinhold, Wilmington DE, actor (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)1957 - Sue Woodstra, Colton Ca, volleyball player (Olympic-silver-1984)1957 - Bruce Buffer, American Mixed Martial Arts Announcer1957 - Nadine Dorries, British politician1957 - Renée Soutendijk, Dutch actress1958 - Mike Barson, rock keyboardist (Madness)1958 - Monte Lynch, cricketer (Surrey batsman, WI Rebel, England ODI player)1958 - Jefery Levy, American television director1959 - Nick Cassavetes, American actor and director1960 - Mark Kevin Carnevale, Annapolis MD, PGA golfer (1992 Chattanooga)1960 - Kent Hrbek, American baseball player1960 - Mohanlal, Indian actor1961 - Tim Lever, keyboard/sax (Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round)1963 - Yelena Vodorezova, USSR, figure skater (Olympic-1976)1963 - Richard Appel, American writer1963 - Kevin Shields, Musician (My Bloody Valentine)1964 - Annabel Schofield, Llanelli Wales, actress (Laurel Ellis-Dallas)1964 - Tom Harding, Kalamazoo Mich, Canadian Tour golfer (1991 Transamerica)1964 - Tommy Albelin, Stockholm Swe, NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames)1964 - Danny Bailey, English footballer1964 - Nancy Daus, American professional wrestler (d. 2007)1964 - Carolyn Lawrence, American actress1966 - Manon Kelley, Quebec City Canada, actress (Red Lips 2)1967 - Cindy Haley, Tyler TX, LPGA golfer (1987 Texas Amateur-2nd)1967 - Rogel Nachum, Israel, Men's triple jump (Oly-1996)1967 - Todd Doohan, Sarnia Ont, Canadian Tour golfer (Western Ont Amateur-92)1967 - Tracy Simien, NFL linebacker (KC Chiefs)1968 - Julie Vega, Filipino child actress and singer (d. 1985)1968 - Matthias Ungemach, German rower1969 - Reid Simpson, Flin Flon, NHL left wing (NJ Devils)1969 - Masayo Kurata, Japanese voice actress1969 - Pierluigi Brivio, Italian footballer1970 - Dorsey Levens, NFL running back (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)1970 - Roman Turek, Strakonice CZE, hockey goalie (Team Czech Rep, Oly-98)1970 - Scott "Munnster" Munn, Larkspur Calif, rower (Olympics-1996)1970 - Veronica Sanchez, Michoan Mexico, WPVA volleyballer (Hermosa-17-1994)1970 - Carl Veart, Australian former footballer1971 - Eric Nies, actor (MTV Real World, Grind)1971 - Jeff Stavroff, Columbus OH, Canadian Tour golfer (1994 Space Coast-4)1972 - Alesha Oreskovich, Tampa FL, playmate (Jun, 1993)1972 - Liliko Ogasawara, Englewood NJ, middleweight judoka (Olympics-96)1972 - Adriano Cintra, Brazilian musician (CSS)1973 - Noel Fielding, British comedian1974 - Fairuza Balk (The Craft, Gas Food Lodging)1974 - Havoc, American rapper (Mobb Deep)1975 - Lee Gaze, Welsh guitarist1976 - Deron Miller, American rock musician1976 - Kardinal Offishall, Canadian rapper1977 - Quinton Fortune, South African footballer1977 - Ricky Williams, American football player1978 - Kandy Marshall, Miss Virginia Teen USA (1996)1978 - Briana Banks, German-American pornographic actress1978 - Jamaal Magloire, Canadian professional basketballer1978 - Adam Gontier, Canadian singer Three Days Grace1979 - Damián Ariel Álvarez, Argentinian footballer1979 - Gaspard Augé, French musician1979 - Jesse Capelli, Canadian pornographic actress1979 - James Clancy Phelan, Australian novelist1979 - Jamie Hepburn, Member of the Scottish Parliament1979 - Scott Smith, mixed martial arts fighter1980 - Chris Raab, American actor1981 - Beth Botsford, 100m/200m backstroke (Olympics-gold-96)1981 - Belladonna, American pornographic actress1981 - Max, German singer1981 - Josh Hamilton, Major League Baseball player1984 - Lorena Ayala, Spanish-Dutch model and beauty queen1984 - Brandon Fields, National Football League punter1985 - Frustaci Septuplets, Calif, Patricia Frustaci gives birth to 71985 - Andrew Miller, Major League Baseball player1985 - Kano, British rapper1985 - Mutya Buena, English singer (ex-Sugababes)1985 - Marco Carta, Italian singer1986 - Myra, Mexican-American singer1987 - Ashlie Brillault, American actress1988 - Jonathan Howson, English footballer1991 - Sarah Ramos, American actress1992 - Olivia Olson, American singer and actress1994 - Tom Daley, English diver

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