21 Mayıs 2010 Cuma

Famous Birthdays on 7st June

1502 - Gregory XIII, Pope, introduced Gregorian calendar in 15821529 - Étienne Pasquier, French lawyer and man of letters (d. 1615)1619 - Paulus Voet, Dutch jurist/historian1730 - Georg von Pasterwiz, composer1736 - Karl Frieberth, composer1761 - John Rennie, Scottish engineer (d. 1821)1770 - Earl of Liverpool, (C) British PM (1812-27)1778 - George Bryan "Beau" Brummel, London England, English dandy1811 - James Young Simpson, Scotland, obsterician (used chloroform)1812 - Theophilus Toulmin Garrard, Brig Gen (Union volunteers), died in 19021825 - Richard D Blackmore, England, author (Norie, Lorna Doone)1831 - Amelia Edwards, English author and Egyptologist (d. 1892)1833 - Alexander Ritter, composer1837 - Alois Hitler, father of Adolf Hitler (d. 1903)1840 - Charlotte MAAVCL, princess of Belgium/Emperor of Mexico (1864-67)1843 - Susan Elizabeth Blow, US, pioneered kindergarten education1845 - Leopold von Auer, Hungarians/US violinist1846 - Wladyslaw Gorski, composer1848 - Paul Gaugin, [Eugene Henri], French post-impressionist painter1862 - Philipp Lenard, Austrian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1947)1865 - Guido Gasperini, composer1867 - Luigi Maurizio Tedeschi, composer1868 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scottish architect, designer, and illustrator (d. 1928)1873 - Landon Ronald, composer1874 - Theodor Streicher, composer1877 - Charles Glover Barkla, English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1944)1879 - Knud J V Rasmussen, Danish pole explorer (Thule)1879 - Joan Voûte, Dutch astronomer (d. 1963)1883 - Sylvanus Morley, U.S. archaeologist and spy (d. 1948)1884 - Julius P Hoste, Belgium minister/daily newspaper publisher (Last News)1885 - Percy Brier, composer1886 - Henri Coandă, Romanian aerodynamics pioneer (d. 1972)1887 - William Walraven, Dutch journalist/writer (Indian Daily)1891 - Athos Palma, composer1891 - Koos [Jacobus J] Vorrink, Dutch politician (SDAP/AJC/PvdA)1896 - Robert Mulliken, US, chemist/physicist (Nobel 1966)1896 - Vivien Kellems, TV hostess (Power of Women)1896 - Imre Nagy, Hungarian politician (d. 1958)1896 - Douglas Campbell, American World War I flying ace (d. 1990)1897 - George Szell, Budapest Hungary, conductor (Metropolitan 1942-45)1899 - Elizabeth Bowen, Dublin, novelist (Death of the Heart, Encounters)1900 - Jan [Johannes A A] Engelman, poet/translator/critic (Garden of Eros)1902 - Herman B Wells, president and chancellor of Indiana University (d. 2000)1909 - Jessica Tandy, London, actress (Birds, Cocoon, Batteries Not Included)1909 - Peter W Rodino, (Rep-D-NJ, 1949- )/chaired Watergate council1909 - Virginia Apgar, American physician and childbirth specialist (d. 1974)1910 - Bradford Washburn, American explorer, (d. 2007)1911 - Franz Reizenstein, composer1911 - Silas Roy Crain, singer/arranger/songwriter1911 - Brooks Stevens, automotive designer (d. 1995)1913 - Anthony David Machell Cox, medievalist1917 - Gwendolyn Brooks, US poet (Bean Eaters, Annie Allen, Pulitzer 1950)1917 - Dean Martin, Steubenville Ohio, American singer/actor (with Jerry Lewis)1918 - Irene Vorrink, Dutch minister (health & environment)1920 - Georges Marchais, political leader (French Communist Party)1921 - Tal Farlow, American jazz guitarist (d. 1998)1922 - Hubert Du Plessis, composer1922 - Leo Reise, Canadian ice hockey player1923 - Giorgio Belladonna, bridge champion1923 - Jules Deschênes, Canadian jurist (d. 2000)1924 - Dolores Gray, Chic Ill, singer/actress (Designing Woman, Kismet)1925 - Camille Flammarion, French astronomer/writer (Thunder & Lightning)1925 - Pieternella "Nel" van Arem, Dutch actress (Sea Gull)1926 - Dick Williams, Wall Lake Iowa, choral director (Andy Williams Show)1927 - Martin Carter, poet/critic1927 - Charles de Tornaco, Belgian racing driver (d. 1953)1928 - Anthony Nicholas Maria Wahl, historian1928 - Charles Louis Strouse, composer1928 - Dave Bowen, footballer1928 - David Malcolm Lewis, expert in Greek Epigraphy1928 - James Ivory, producer/director (Howard's End, Remains of the Day)1928 - Reg Park, British bodybuilder1929 - John Turner, Richmond England, (L) 17th Canadian PM (1984)1929 - The Grand Wizard of Wrestling, Wrestling manager (d. 1983)1930 - Ian Leggat, cricketer (1 Test v S Africa 1953-54 without distinction)1931 - Henry Weinberg, composer1931 - Lang Jeffries, Ontario Canada, actor (Skip-Rescue 8)1931 - Virginia McKenna, actress (Born Free, Chosen, Lions are Free, Simba)1931 - Malcolm Morley, English-born painter1933 - Henk E Koning, Dutch sect of Finances (VVD)1933 - Herb Score, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)1934 - Philippe Entremont, Rheims France, concert pianist1934 - Samuel Lipman, music critic1935 - Thomas Kailath, American engineer1937 - Neeme Järvi, Estonian conductor1938 - Judy Ann Scott-Fox, agent1940 - Tom Jones, [Woodward], Pontypridd Wales, singer (What's New Pussycat)1940 - Tom Jones, Welsh singer1941 - Jaime Laredo, Bolivia, violinist (Qn Elisabeth of Belgium prize 1959)1943 - Ken Osmond, actor (Eddie Haskel-Leave it To Beaver)1943 - Mel Levine, (Rep-D-CA, 1983- )1943 - Nikki Giovanni, poet (LHJ Woman of the Year 1973)1944 - Bill Rafferty, Queens NY, comedian (Laugh-In, Real People)1944 - Clarence White, guitarist (Byrds-Turn! Turn! Turn!)1944 - Townes Van Zandt, Texas, singer/songwriter (Kathleen, Loretta)1945 - Wolfgang Schüssel, Chancellor of Austria1946 - Bill Kreutzmann Jr, Palo Alto CA, drummer (Grateful Dead)1946 - Jenny Jones, [Janina Stronski], Canada, comedienne (Jenny Jones Show)1946 - Terry Gale, Wyalkatchem WA, Australasia golfer1947 - Thurman Munson, baseball catcher/captain (NY Yankees)1949 - Jack Ryland, rock vocalist (Three Dog Night)1950 - Gary Graham American actor1951 - Anne Twomey, Boston Ma, actress (Secret, Deadly Friend, Imagemaker)1952 - Liam Neeson, N Ireland, actor (Schindler's List, Les Miserables)1953 - Johnny Clegg, rocker1953 - Dougie Donnelly, Scottish television broadcaster1954 - Lui Passaglia, Vancouver BC, CFL place kicker (BC Lions)1954 - Louise Erdrich, American author1955 - Joey Scarbury, Ontario Calif, singer (Greatest American Hero)1955 - William Koch, US skier (World Cup 1982)1955 - William Forsythe, American actor1956 - Robert Dover, equestrian dressage (Olympics-bronze-96)1957 - Neal Radford, cricketer (Zambia Engld pace bowler in 3 Tests 1986-88)1957 - Juan Luis Guerra, Dominican musician1957 - Ruth Anderson, Welsh rug hooker famous for her folk rugs1958 - Christopher Marcantel, Smithtown NY, actor (Chip-Nurse, Loving)1958 - Francesca Thyssen, lugano Switz, baroness1958 - O+> (Prince), [Rogers Nelson], Minn, rocker/actor (1999, Purple Rain)1958 - Phillipe Boccara, Le Mans France, US sprint kayak (Olympics-96)1958 - Surakiart Sathirathai, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand1958 - Prince, American musician1960 - Bill Prady, American television producer1961 - Dave Catching, American musician1962 - Janice Lawrence Braxton, WNBA center (Cleve Rockers, Olym-gold-1984)1962 - Paddy McAloon, rocker (Prefab Sprout-2 Wheels Good)1962 - Takuya Kurosawa, Japanese racing driver1962 - Michael Cartellone, American drummer (Lynyrd Skynyrd)1963 - Steven David Rintoul, Bowral Australia, PGA golfer (1994 Buick-2nd)1963 - Roberto Alagna, French tenor1964 - Caroline Anne Hare, Lower hutt NZ, 5k/10k (Olympics-96)1964 - Graeme Labrooy, cricketer (Sri Lankan pace bowler in 9 Tests 1986-91)1964 - Judie Aronson, American actress1964 - Gia Carides, Greek-Australian actress1965 - Mick Foley, American professional wrestler1965 - Damien Hirst, English artist1966 - Dan Payne, CFL tackle (Toronto Argonauts)1966 - Heathcliff Slocumb, Jamaica NY, pitcher (Boston Red Sox)1966 - Stephane Richer, Ripon, NHL right wing (NJ Devils)1967 - Sarah Malin, Greenwich Ct, actress (Stephane Prescott-Another World)1967 - Terance Mathis, NFL wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons)1968 - Adam Walker, NFL running back (SF 49ers)1968 - Melissa Coombes, San Gabriel CA, female pitcher (Colo Silver Bullets)1969 - Lachlan Elmer, Australian field hockey halfback (Oly-silver-92, 96)1969 - Mark Sohn, Arlington Heights Ill, gymnast (Olympics-96)1969 - Kim Rhodes, American actress1970 - Andrei Kovalenko, Gorky Rus, NHL right wing (Mont Canadiens, Edmonton)1970 - Chad Fann, NFL tight end (Arizona Cardinals, SF 49ers)1970 - Mike Modano, Livonia MI, NHL forward (Team USA, Dallas Stars)1970 - Cafu, Brazilian football player1971 - Terrell Buckley, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins)1971 - Alex X. Mooney, American politician1972 - Jeff Burris, NFL cornerback/punt returner (Buffalo Bills)1972 - Karl Urban, New Zealand actor1973 - Napoleon Kaufman, NFL running back (Oakland Raiders)1973 - Robert Barr, NFL tackle (Seattle Seahawks)1973 - Song Yun-ah, South Korean model and actress1974 - Jason Caswell, Winnipeg Manitoba, Skeet shooter (Olympics-96)1974 - Mahesh Bhupathi, India, tennis pro1974 - Bear Grylls, British survivor1975 - Allen Iverson, NBA guard (Phila 76ers)1976 - Cassidy Rae, Clarmont Fla, actress (Sarah-Models Inc, Clarissa)1976 - David Diaz, Chicago Ill, light welterweight boxer (Olympics-96)1976 - Necro, Jewish American rapper1977 - Marcin Baszczyński, Polish football player1977 - Joe Horgan, baseball player1977 - Odalis Pérez, baseball player1978 - Adrienne Frantz, Mt Clemens Mich, (Tiffany Thorne-Sunset Beach)1978 - Bill Hader, American comedian1978 - Tony An, Korean singer (H.O.T)1979 - Kevin Hofland, Dutch footballer1981 - Tyler Johnson, baseball player1981 - Anna Kournikova, Russian tennis player1981 - Stephen Bywater, British goalkeeper1981 - Kevin Kyle, Scottish footballer1981 - Larisa Oleynik, American actress1981 - Amrita Rao, Indian model and actress1982 - Virgil Vasquez, American baseball player1983 - Mark Lowe, American baseball player1985 - Charlie Simpson, British pop singer1988 - Milan Lucic, Canadian Hockey player (Boston Bruins)1988 - Michael Cera, American actor1989 - Michael Joseph Tamboli, Eldesburg Md, born 01:23:45 PM on 6-7-891993 - Jordan Fry, American actor

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